Your Questions, Answered

When is the auction?

Typically, the auction takes place in the spring although the date varies. This year, the auction is scheduled for Saturday, May 1.

Where does the auction take place?

Every year the auction takes place at a new location. In the past, the auction took place at the school. In 2017, we took the auction off campus. Since then, we have held the event at places like The Intercontinental, The Uptown Theater, and Starlight Theater. This year's location has not been announced yet.

Who attends the auction?

Anyone in the St. Elizabeth's community, parish or school is invited to attend the event. We love having teachers, administration, parents, parishioners, former families, extended family members, community members, and friends join us for a fun evening and a great cause.

Who plans the auction?

St. Elizabeth parents with students at the school plan the auction. You can meet the committee members here

What is the purpose of the auction?

The auction is the largest fundraiser for St. Elizabeth's School. The money raised helps offset many of the school's ongoing expenses. The money also helps provide the best education and learning environment possible for the students. Last year, the money raised helped improve school security. 

What is the auction theme?

Each auction has a different theme. Last year's theme was "Rock the Red Carpet." This year's theme has not been announced. 

What is the auction attire?

It depends on the theme! The attire is typically a little on the dressier side but wear whatever makes you most comfortable.

What are gathering parties?

Gathering parties are a STE tradition offering grade level parents the opportunity to connect socially with other parents in their grade, while raising money and items to support the auction.  Given the COVID pandemic, gathering parties will be hosted in the Spring instead of the Fall and we will be providing more information soon!  In the meantime, we need 4 families from each grade level to host this year’s parties.  If interested, email