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Let the bidding begin!

Once you register your phone, you will receive 2 text messages.

To bid, just reply to the text message you received from Qtego and follow the instructions below.

Or you can select the blue URL link in your second text message to bid on your Personal Bidding Page on your phone.

To bid on your iPad or Computer, first register your phone.

Select SIGN IN and enter your Personal Pin that you received in your second text message.

You can bid one of two ways:

1. Texting

2. Personal Bidding Page

Bid on a silent item
Item # BID
101 75
Bids $75 on Item #101
Set a MAX BID on an item
Item # BID M
101 300 M
Qtego will bid on item #101 automatically until the item reaches $300
Get a description and current price of an item
Item # 
  1. Click blue hyperlink in your Qtego text message

  2. Press “Auction Items”

  3. Tap the item photo and hit submit bid

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